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Best energy saving option to replace 2 water heaters ?

10 years ago


I have read a few "water heater options" post, but everyone seems to have different configurations, so here is mine.

My wife and I live in Orlando, Florida in a 3200 s.f. home. We do not have access to gas, electric only. The house has 2 50 Gal Electric water heaters of average quality, one in the usual spot in the garage (feeds Kitchen, laundry, guest bath, pool bath, bonus room), and a second one that is located in the master bedroom closet (Master sinks, bath, shower) on the opposite side of the house. Taking an inventory of where we use hot water: we use the master bath, sinks, shower and the kitchen sink/dishwasher. We usually never use the hot water in any other part of the house.

I would like to start planning on updating this setup with something more energy efficient. I am always envious of my brother who installed a Rheem Heat pump water heater, and the amount of savings he gets. But in my situation we have two water heaters.

So far my thoughts are to turn off the unit in the garage unless guests come over, replace the unit in the closet with something more efficient. I like the Rheem/GE Heat pump units, but will the noise of it running be annoying? On the plus side it will cool our bathroom/bedroom.

Another option would be to mount it in the attic to have access to more hot air. Could do a tankless in the bathroom, but I am currently leaning away from that as I have not heard the best comments on electric tankless.

This would leave the kitchen sink. What to do there? I would love a tankless here, just to have instant hot water.

Another option is a recirculating main high efficiency tank in the garage? This way we will still get quick hot water all the way in the bathroom.

Any thoughts on the best energy saving approach?

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