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Advice on exterior update

8 years ago

We recently purchased this house and would like to update the look of the exterior. The siding is James Hardie Navajo Beige. The brick is painted a darker moss green. The shingles are 8 years old, and while they wouldn't be my first choice, we probably won't replace them just yet. We would like to keep the project as budget friendly as possible.
The big decision right now is wether to try to work with the siding colour as is (since Hardie board is more or less maintenance free) or to paint it. If we keep it, we are considering getting wider trim around the top floor windows in a cream colour. As for the brick, would painting it the same cream colour as the window trim look good? Any other colours you would recommend painting the brick to go with the current siding colour?
The alternative is to paint the hardie board, and that opens up a whole new can of worms! We do like the 'iron gray' colour of Hardie board, so we may try to paint it a similar colour.
Either way, we would probably choose a cream colour trim. Also, we would like to replace the front door and garage door with stained medium brown wood doors (glass in the top of the garage door).
Lastly, we are considering building larger columns for the porch. We like craftsman style houses, so we will probably build some broader bases that taper near the top. Oh, and those lights and three little shrubs have to go!
That being said, these are just our ideas, and I wouldn't be posting here if our minds were made up! Any ideas, thoughts, or advice are greatly appreciated!

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