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Help! My cat is hiding!

14 years ago

We have two cats, adopted at the same time and the same age, ten weeks, from the SPCA. They are now five years old and are indoors only, sweet, easy, healthy, and dearly loved by us.

However - the male has always been very timid. He has always run and hidden from anyone, man or woman, old friend or new; and usually hides under the bed in our MBR. This is just the way he is. He has never come to meet anyone.

However - we are now having a family get-together. Our two sons and their wives and DGS, 20 months, are here celebrating a special birthday and anniversary with us. Because of the baby, younger DS and DIL have the MBR to themselves. Older DS and DIL have the guestroom. DGS is, bless his adorable self, very mobile and active and vocal. Neither cat has ever seen such a young child. Just to note that DGS is a gently-raised sensitive little boy. He doesn't yell at or run towards our female, although he likes to watch her.

Our little male tuxedo guy has now been under the living room sofa for 22 hours without eating, drinking or coming out to use the litterbox. We finally put the box next to the sofa, with the skirt tacked up so that he'd have easy access. We have put his kibbles and Greenies next to him under the sofa, and he hasn't touched them. His adoptive-sister is, of course, eating and litterboxing and being sort of social, although she keeps him company, too.

So my question is: How long can he continue like this? It's Friday and the children are leaving on Tuesday. He won't starve himself, will he? He won't "hold it in" rather than use the box, will he?

We lie next to the sofa and peek at him, talk to him, try to at least get a finger on his nose, IOW are very encouraging.

Can anyone tell me about a kitty who has survived this kind of ordeal?

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