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If You Remove A 4" Granite Backsplash......?

8 years ago

I have that style backsplash on countertops installed over a decade ago. I'm doing a minor remodel - no walls being moved, keeping floors, etc. - but am getting new appliances/painting cabs, etc.

I just read a link provided on a post by someone looking for a neutral backsplash. It said not to mix a tile BS w/ 4" granite BS. I agree, and was going to just tile in the space between the new hood & range, which now only has the stainless BS which is part of the range I'm replacing.

But I'm wondering how big a deal it is to pull off the 4" from the entire cab perimeter. Can this be DIY, or do we have to hire stone guys? If I decided to go w/ a subway tile around the whole perimeter how could I address the one inch or so strip surrounding the countertop where the granite stood? Some of that backsplash has moved over time and I can detect what appears to be a score line on the granite underneath.

Has anyone here done this? Or have knowledge or experience to share?

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