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When will I ever learn? KD Story.

11 years ago

So we hear the side of the homeowner here mostly. I am a kitchen designer...have been for about 25 years (I am 46). Sometimes I am way too trusting of people...when will I ever learn NOT to give out my designs! I usually don't, but these people were old and sweet. Here's the rest of my story:

I have been working with a retired couple for about a month an a half. He was a builder during the 70's thru 90's and ordered through my store many times. He just purchased a 5 yr old home and wanted to re-do the builder grade to something special. He was rearranging the entire floor plan.

I will do a design for free, but if the customer wants drawings, they must pay for them. They fell in love with my design and even said, "We weren't sure we wanted to do this project, but after seeing your design, we have to now!" They were supposed to come in an order 2 weeks ago but I fell and got a concussion the day we were going to reschedule about 2 wks later because the wife had a cataract surgery the following week. So this was the week we were supposed to meet. I called them a few times to re-connect but they never answered or returned my calls. My KD gut instinct told me, "you just lost this job". But I kept thinking about how excited they were, how much they liked my QS Oak cabinets and they even expressed how much they liked me! The wife said...we love you so much, we're going to go to this special bakery and bring you back some of their bread!

Finally today I received an email. It said, "I got your messages. Thanks for asking about my [cataract] surgery. I am doing well. I hope you recovered from your fall. Concerning the cabinets, before we came to see you the first time, we had looked at some pecan cabinets which were beautiful.

After really considering our options, we ordered the pecan cabinets. Thanks."

I have never ranted here about things like this...because normally, I don't let this happen to me. Also, I replied to her email letting her know of my disappointment. This to, I have never done. You win some you lose some is what I tell myself usually...but with this one, I feel totally used! He even called me on the phone to get specific information on one wall he had to build.

Not even a thank you for your help!!!! Nothing.

Ughhh! goes on!

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