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May I see pictures of your basement playroom/family room?

10 years ago

We are in the beginning stages of possibly moving.

We are recent empty-nesters, but the most likely buyers of our home would be a family with younger school aged children.

DD2, who has babysat for most of the families on the block, thinks that moms want a nice basement play area so that the main level stays neater. So we will be doing some minor fix-ups with this in mind. Our home is older, and has stone foundation walls with paneling. Current floor is bare concrete.

I would love to see pictures of your finished spaces (very casual is fine!), and what is the opinion of the group regarding painting the concrete and adding a nice large area rug, vs tile or carpeting on the basement floor? Our current idea is to have this not necessarily be a "finished" basement, but more of a "play space". Would also like to hear opinions on that. We would obviously like to keep costs low, but appeal to the largest pool of buyers.

Thanks in advance.

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