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Cabinet Pricing - Omega, Wellborn, Brookhaven & Mid-Continent

12 years ago

We are pricing out our kitchen and were very impressed by our friends kitchen cabinets which are Brookhaven. I ended up doing the layout mostly myself with the help of a few people on this forum (thanks!). We finally got pricing on the cabinets and it looks like we are in the $25-$27k range for Brookhaven. The KD said we are in the $21k range for Mid-continent but I know nothing about them and am not sure if that is reasonable for mid-continent or if that # came about b/c that was what I had mentioned my budget was. I am considering getting pricing on Wellborn and Omega from a few different stores as well. Does any one have + or - things to say about any of these? Are there any other cabinet lines I should look into?

I have heard a few bad comments on the forum w/ regard to Mid-Continent drawers soft close not closing all the way which is scaring me a little away from them since we tend to put lots of things in our drawers.

This kitchen planning process takes a lot of time! I'm hoping by going through all of this we will get the kitchen we love at a price that isn't going to make me much :)

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