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Mold resistant silicone for under-mount sink?

12 years ago

We had out kitchen remodeled in 2006 and went with granite counters and full granite backsplash and an under-mount stainless sink. They used GE Silicone II to seal the sink under the granite, and to "seam" the granite backsplash to the granite counter top. About 2 years after it was installed, we started to notice the silicone under the granite that connected to the sink was getting moldy, but nothing would clean it to look "clear" like it was. Now 5 years later, the silicone is all black under there (and starting to have "gaps" in the silicone) and the silicone right behind the faucet (about 8") that was used to seam the backsplash and counter is also black (though not as bad as under the sink.

Before I contact the company I used, I want to find out what is the best silicone to use for kitchens that is mold resistant?

I saw that there is now a GE Sanitary SC1700 that says "contains a fungicide that helps the cured sealant resist both mold and mildew even when exposed to prolonged hot and humid environments." Since this is for the sink, it is not a hot or humid environment, but is in contact with water and needs to be mold resistant.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Sanitary SC1700 Silicone

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