Kobe hood: inverse impeller design vs. baffles

7 years ago

I'm trying to replace a fairly worthless under-cabinet Braun hood that sits over my 4 burner woolf gas cooktop that sees a lot of use, especially on the big front burner. I've decided to go with Kobe based on specs and warranty, but can't decide between two models they offer:
Model RA3830SQ uses a "twin vertical impeller" design which catches the grease in small oil cups that can be removed and cleaned, whereas Model RA3830SQB-1 uses baffle filters and a "squirrel cage" design that sits within the cabinet. Both vent to the exterior. The oil cup model has slightly more cfms, but perhaps the turbines do not create an even draft across the entire area of the burners, which is important since I will be doing a lot of cooking on the large front burner. On the other hand, I wonder whether the baffle design, while aesthetically pleasing, doesn't just end up being impossible to clean (yes, the baffles can be washed in the dishwashers, but this can result in merely baking on the grease). The oil cup design looks a bit funky, and it is a thicker unit. However, the baffle unit, being only 3 inches tall, would sit higher above the cooktop -- in fact, 33 inches, which is a bit farther away than is recommended. Anyway, I would be grateful for any expert opinions on the efficacy and longevity of these two competing systems offered by Kobe!

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