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Our little Chihuahua died last night (long)

15 years ago

We have (had) 5 that are outside dogs.The older one (Chiquita) is 13.The one we lost (Cry Baby) was 10 and was Chiquita's puppy from her first litter.The other 3 are Xena who is 7 and is Chiquita's granddaughter,and Susie,about 2,was given to DGD by one of her friends. Izzie is one we "rescued" last winter.She is about a year old.We have been really busy the last few days and they haven't been inside all week.They come in often but don't like to stay for very long.They prefer to be outside.

Anyway,we had been gone most of the day yesterday and a couple of hours after we got in last night DGS went out to check on them because we heard them barking and carrying on like there was something out there.He said Izzie had Chiquita down biting her.So he scolded her and brought Chiquita inside.She had bite wounds all over her hip and stomach and neck.She couldn't walk so I laid her on a towel and cleaned her wounds with warm water and peroxide.DGS went back out because he didn't see Cry Baby when he picked Chiquita up.When he found her Izzie and Susie were standing over her biting her on the head and stomach.She was covered with bite wounds,especially bad ones on her stomach,and was in shock.He thought she was already dead but she died a few minutes later.After I cleaned Chiquita's wounds,I could see that she wasn't bleeding badly but she has a real raw area inside the thigh on her right leg.I put her in the carrier (well she actually limped in by herself and laid down) covered her with a warm blanket and checked on her all night.She didn't seem to be in pain.She has been in there all day and has drank water but hasn't eaten anything.She has slept a lot but is alert and responsive when I talk to her and has tried several times to get up but then lays back down.She still doesn't seem to be in pain.I looked at her wounds and none of them look to need stitches.They are just puncture wounds.I will take her to the vet in the morning just to make sure.I know puncture wounds can get infected easily.

My main concern/dilemma is why would the other two dogs suddenly become so aggressive as to do this to these two? They never bothered Xena,just the two older dogs.They have all been together for months and they have never exhibited that kind of behavior toward any of them.I am just heartsick that this happened.I keep thinking,if I had just checked on them when we first got home,maybe this would never have happened!

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