Do-It Yourself Water Softener Installation?

13 years ago

I posted this on a different thread, but thought maybe it would be better to start a new one. After having two separate companies come out and look at my old, and embarrassingly small (25000 grain) ecowater system that was installed in the house before I bought it, 4 bedroom, 4 bath house that had 5 people living in it before we got here, I have been informed that this house, due to the water hardness and amount of people and laundry :-), needs a 48000 grain water heater. Both companies I called out, one sells ecowater, and one sells GE, want what seems to be alot of money for a system. Both want to put it the system that is separate salt and mineral tanks. I have a question, actually more than one. I have found systems online, such as Fleck, for ALOT less than what these folks want. Can I, a humble electrician, manage to install one of these myself without ruining them, or my ego for that matter, say in one day or less? Meaning, are these idiot proof? Do they come ready to install, just hookup the water? I assume, hopefully correctly, that since I have an existing system, small though it is, that it will be an easy install? Also, if I purchase a Fleck system, or any other system, is the one tank, or twin alternating tank system better? If I order one, and for some reason do not get a system that will basically install easily with my existing setup, can I get parts easily to adapt to the new hookups? We go through ALOT of water here, we also have a boarding kennel as part of the house and we have alot of dogs that we are bathing, feeding, and watering constantly too. Sorry about so many questions!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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