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Anyone take advantage of Corian Special Offer?

10 years ago

Corian has a special offer that ends today. Has anyone gotten this and if so, how much did it end up saving you?

I'm the one who painted her countertops a few weeks ago with the chalkboard paint to see if I wanted the soapstone look (which I thought I wanted for almost 2 years now!). After living with the dark countertops now, I don't think I do want dark in my small kitchen.

Thanks to you guys I went and looked at the new Corian yesterday, and have to take back all my old thoughts on disliking it! The new colors are very pretty. I came home with two samples, Witch Hazel and Jasmine. Heck, they even feel good!

I've seen everyones pictures of the Witch Hazel. Anyone use Jasmine and have a picture? Does it look darker than the small sample?

Getting excited now!

Here is a link that might be useful: Corian Special Offers

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