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electrical needs for tankless water heater

14 years ago

I may go with a tankless water heater after all. I know they need some form of electrical. What kind of hookup? I have two previous quotes and the units would be going outside (cheaper then adjusting interior venting). One of the quotes notes to tap the electrical into an exiting outlet in my garage.

The outlet in my garage is the "master" GFCI outlet for the house, meaning that this outlet is from a dedicated breaker in my electrical panel to the garage where it's a GFCI outlet. Then from the GFCI outlet is the electrical ran to the kitchen and both bathrooms. I also have placed actual GFCI outlets in the bathrooms and kitchens, although they were previously standard outlets.

Anyway, the one quotes says they will just tank into the gang box for this GFCI in the garage to get their power. Is there anything wrong with this? Considering this is dedicated GFCI use, there's not much actualling running on these circuits most of the time, or even much plugged in except a few night lights. The breaker used for all these GFCI outlets is 15A.

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