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10 years ago

How to soundproof a pump
posted by: teeboo on 09.27.2013 at 09:45 pm in Plumbing Forum

Bought this cottage and pump that normally should be with the well was inside the house. Contractor said if I moved it outside and had a house built over it, it would be quieter. So I paid him an outrageous fee to move it on the other side of the brick wall(house is brick), build a nice house for water holding tank and pump, insulation and
I still have noise. I paid a plumber to come out and he initially tried chair foam stuffed around and it worked for 1 day and then NOISE.... So he came back and put the pump on some kind of feet but it did not work at all.
So I come to you.... I can unscrew the door from the front and try anything except electrical so please send me your suggestions. This drives me bonkers... I know others must have solutions so please help....

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