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Mourning my dog

13 years ago

Thursday I had to put down my 13 yr old Lab Willie. We adopted him at 9 months old and he grew up with my daughters who were 5 and 3 at the time we adopted him. He was an angel from his 1st day with us until his last. My heart is in a million peices. 2 1/2 years ago we got another lab named Riley( a guide dog puppy we raised, but who flunked his exam and came back to us). Needless to say our entire family including Riley (who has never been without his big brother) and our 2 cats , is in mourning. Less than 2 days after we put Willie down, my best friend calls me to tell me about the new dog she adopted that morning. She called me every day for 3 days talking about this new dog ( she already has 2 others) and how cute he is, how excited she and her daughter are, etc.....I think she asked me once how I was doing.

Am I being a %^$#&? I don't want to hear about this new dog right now. My heart is broken, and it seems to me that she is being incredibly insensitive. Her daughter is my oldest daughters best friend (they are 16), and her daughter has been "very angry" that my daughter isn't more excited for her for getting a new dog. Don't they see that the timing is a little tough? I just found out today, that they are bringing the new dog to a sports practice both girls attend on Friday morning. I am thinking about letting my daughter skip practice. I would have to spend 2 hours pretending to be so happy for them. I know in my heart I should be happy for them, but I can't get past my grief right now. I miss my boy so, it seems like all my happiness is gone, and I am just angry and broken.

Am I wrong?

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