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Again...tile floor layout opinions...with pics

12 years ago

I asked a while ago for opinions on brick or diagonal tile layout. Here's a new idea for you to ponder. When I first began looking for floor tile I fell in love with a 12x24" tile but decided against it since we are also tiling our entry hall, which is 36" at it's narrowest point. I thougth if I were using this tile it it's length would run across my kitchen from left to right. The doorway next to the fridge is the hallway that lead to the front door- here a pic of the layout.

It the tile were layed that way I thought it would look odd in the narrow part of my entry hall. Here's that pic:

So it occured to me yesterday, coudn't I run the tile lengthwise in the hall and then into the kitchen? I just didnt see it layed that way in my head when I was imagining how it would look. Obviously, I'm design challenged! What do you think? Is this a good option or should I stick to a square tile? Does anyone have pics that would show something similiar to this situation?

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