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quartz masters? calacutta quartz

10 years ago

Hello GWebbers!

I am a long-time stalker/first time poster looking for any input on the quartz brand "Quartz Masters." They have a couple of very good marble look-a-like quartzes called "Calacutta Grey" and "Calacutta Gold" that I had to do a double-take when I realized they weren't actually marble. They look very much like stone, feel like stone, but apparently have none of the maintenance issues that marble has, like etching and staining. They're not cheap, coming in at about $100 a sq. foot, but if it's a good product, I'd be willing to splurge on our counters, and save somewhere else.

The big question is: has anyone used this product? Any experience would be appreciated as I only found one reference to their product in another forum (which was positive), but the BBB has them rated as an "F" even though it posts that they've only had one complaint in 3 years.

They're based out of NJ which is fabulous for me as I'm in NY, so I will find out if we can schlep on over to see a whole slab, but I just can't find any info on whether the product is easy to fabricate, if there are any chipping or yellowing issues, is it heat resistant, etc., etc.

This product would resolve all my issues: I want that all- white timeless kitchen with a beautiful marble top, but none of headaches of caring of marble.

Looking forward to hearing from someone!

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