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Any Photos of Window Treatmens for French Doors?

16 years ago

I apologize if this is a repeat topic. If it is, it has fallen off the board and doesn't come up when I search online.

Before I start searching through my stacks of decorating magazines, I would love to see any photos of various window treatments for french doors. (We have a set of double doors and two single french doors. And they all swing out.) These doors are in our family room and eating area out to the deck so we don't want anything too formal.

We can't use drapes or curtains in that area so we're thinking more of blinds or shades or shutters, with a cornice or valance on top. (Woven wood blinds?) Ideally I'd like to have everything mounted on the wall above the door--if that's possible--because I don't want to block the glass. (We need as much light as possible here in the PNW.)

I'd appreciate any photos or suggestions. Thanks!

This is the area during construction:

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