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problem - stainless undermount to granite

12 years ago

I'm not too familiar with undermount installs (have left that to others), but have been asked to address a problem as part of a handyman project list.

There was a failure with the install of a Franke stainless, apron-front undermount sink (33" wide or so). It was siliconed to granite, and the seal has broken so it's only "support" is now the cabinet front under the apron....and the plumbing connection itself (PVC). Yikes. There's a GD adding extra weight. This is a deep, wide (33") sink taking up most of the base cabinet.

A couple questions: When undermounts are installed to granite, are there still supposed to be clips in addition to the silicone or not? Doesn't seem to be. In fact, it seems they relied only on the silicone to hold this thing in place. Is that how it's done when attaching to granite?

Any idea how to tackle the job of remounting? Sounds like a major pain to completely remove the silicone and residue, etc. Also, since the bowl is fairly rectangular, is making some sort of sink base advisable?

I still may elect to NOT take on this project, but would like to know what's entailed and time involved. Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks much.

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