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Would you do this? re: Interior Designers

10 years ago

Hello, I am re-doing my LR & DR and had an initial consult with an ID to get some ideas & feel her out. The consult was 2 hours and cost $250. She has done a few more hours of work but I never actually said I was committed to work with her.

I went to the carpet store to look at carpet samples and ran into another ID that my friend used and really liked. Now I am thinking that perhaps I should have her come out and give a consult as well.

I am not doing major renovations, I am merely looking at replacing flooring, choosing new sofa & chair, choosing new dining room suite, draperies and paint colour, as well as accessories. I kind of know what I like & the feeling I'm after (classic, elegant, calm, quiet) and have torn pictures out of HD magazines to guide the ID.

I am thinking that consulting the other ID will give me more ideas OR make me more indecisive if she steers me a different direction. And I am a bit indecisive to begin with.....

Have you ever had this experience? What would you do if this was you? Thanks for weighing in....

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