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Would you test your dog's DNA?

15 years ago

I just heard about DNA kits to test your dog to see what breed(s) he or she is. Not cheap at $65 but wonder if it is worth it. The reason I might do it is my mini dachshund, Elvira, has had several mysterious things wrong with her that the vet can't figure out. I won't admit to how much we spent last year on vet bills but it could have paid for a nice vacation.

She is a rescue dog and we know very little of her background except that she was abused, neglected then abandoned. Nothing else. And I am always being asked if she is really "pure" dachshund because she is all black. Not that I care if she is or isn't, I love her for WHO she is not WHAT she is but must admit, I am curious.

Here is information about the test at the company's website. DNA kit. And no I don't work for the company and I am not getting paid to advertise it.

So have any of you done the test? What were your results? Were you surprised?


Does she look "pure" to you?


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