Water Softener - Two Bids, Very Similar, Carbon Filter Dispute an

11 years ago


I have gotten two bids so far on a water softening system I need to purchase. To keep this post short and concise, I will post the need to know info.

I have hard water, like 19gpg. Iron isn't an issue neither is chlorine, which is present in a very minute amount.

I called two local companies, and no, not Culligan or Kenitco, for a good softening system for my home. Here is what I have gotten back for my home.


3 bathrooms, standard flow shower heads from Glacier Bay

5 people on a regular basis, adults, 6 occasionally

Company A

Fleck 5600 metered 48,000 grain system, single tank

10x54 brine tank with 1.5 cuft

20" whole house carbon filter prior to softener to filter large sediments of impurity out of my water

Company B

Fleck 7000 metered 48,000 grain system, single tank

10x54 brine tank with 1.5 cuft

2 cuft carbon tank suggested

-This guy said that the carbon needs contact time to work, and the 20" carbon filter will basically cause a pressure drop in my home and need to be changed often. Also stated the Fleck 7000 would be better valve and has better flow rates.

Other than that, they both agree on a single tank system being sufficient, as it would regenerate based on the amount of water usage every 4-6 days, in the early morning, and last for about 2.5 hours if I am not wrong. I shouldn't run out of soft water except for during regeneration.

Any input would be appreciated on the carbon filter dispute.

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