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'I'm Decorating & I Want______'

11 years ago

An antique Victorian Hall Tree.

What do you want?

Just decorating type things please. No remodels, additions or things like that please.

New appliances and new floors count as decorating.

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  • Sueb20
    11 years ago

    An assistant to help me put photos in the gazillion wall frames I just bought for my stairway, and hang them. These frames have been sitting on my guest room bed, next to a pile of photos, for about 6 weeks! I just can't get inspired to deal with them. Maybe this weekend...

  • Stacey Collins
    11 years ago

    Ha, ha.My list is a lot like palimpsest's!

    1) Womb chair and ottoman, preferably vintage in excellent condition. -OR- Hans Wegner papa bear chair -OR- maybe even a vintage Eames lounge... for living room.

    2) Nakashima coffee table for living room.

    3) Vintage leather danish or Florence Knoll type couch, must have low back since it's in front of low windows.

    4) 4' Nelson bench to put at the foot of the bed in master BR

    5) 4 chrome bertoia chairs for the deck

    6) Real Arco lamp for living room

    7) Pair of petite-ish, interesting, preferabley vintage MCM chairs for the hearth sitting area of my kitchen

    8) 4 Thomas Moser stools for kitchen island

    9) Some good original art, especially abstract landscape-y paintings, that are more in scale with this house, since all our "good" art is too big for the small wall spaces we have here :(

    But that's all just dreamin'!!

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    Wow Jane, I am tired just reading about what all you did! Sounds like a wonderful time and lots of work and effort on your part. What a large group to entertain! So nice that your DH helps you with the decorating. Mine does not help with the inside at all. I carry everything up from the basement including the trees, all the boxes, ladders, etc. The only thing he does outside is put a blow mold Santa on our mailbox, although this year, he did run an extension cord from the backyard for some of the lights as they kept tripping the breaker this year! Again, getting everything down out of the rafters, off of the shelves, and put up is up to me! Sorry, I just needed to vent a little. I get a bit envious when I hear of other DH's that help with decorating. Anyway, looking forward to your pix. TFS, Candy
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    My husband would prefer the local marble be used around the perimeter, which may need to happen because there's a chance the butcher block manufacturers won't ship it with the sink hole cut as it may not be stable enough, and then we're back to the same place we were at with the Ikea countertops. Well not quite, but still needing to find a finishing carpenter willing to make that cut. It turns out that not even the butcher block makers like cutting undermount sink holes. BUT... the marble would be standard 1.25" tall, and our cabinet boxes are 34" from the floor. The minimum height of the cooktop surface of the induction range we've purchased is 36". I feel like a 3/4" difference between the counter height and cooktop is more of a deal breaker for me than the chance of the butcher block getting gunky around the sink. I can get the butcher block at 1.75" so there would just be a 1/4" difference between the cooktop and countertop.
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    Unfortunately, our other potential space is our living room which is small. I'd like to keep it upstairs as the finished basement is the playroom. Good suggestion, though. I pushed the chairs back towards the fireplace a little more and it's not bad. Is it an issue that the sofa isn't centered on the TV? Do I need a larger area rug? We may change the carpet to some type of faux hardwood, so I think an area rug still makes sense. Would a coffee table look good with this arrangement is the two end tables? It would be centered on the sofa, which would be off center from the TV.
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  • hapnor
    11 years ago

    Restoration Hardware Maxwell sofa to go on sale.
    May - maybe?

  • Sheeisback_GW
    11 years ago

    - Curtains for the bedroom.

    - Paint.

    - More picture frames to add to the hall ledges I've been talking about making for over a year. (It's gonna happen very soon!)

    - A large drum shade for that LR lamp.

    - Lamps for the bedroom.

    - Ballard's caramel color tablecloth for the LR round table. That cheaper site talked about here doesn't have that color. :( Oh, and a glass top.

    - Tablecloth and a glass top for the bedroom round table.

    - Reframe/mat (mat/matte?) the one print in the LR.

    -New pillows for the LR because the silk soooo aren't practical.

    I think that's all of my realistic list.

  • ttodd
    Original Author
    11 years ago

    I loved reading what you want! Not only was it interesting but I also think that it shows how 'real' everybody is - like anyone of you could be my next door neighbor!

    Pal - no limit! Just items so you just keep on listing! Right now a Victorian Hall Tree is not feaseable for me but someday.......

    I told DH that I want one so that he can keep his eyes open in case a client wants to get rid of one.

    Red - so cool to see you!

    Franksmom - so glad you like the detergent!

  • kitchenwitch
    11 years ago

    -- Roman Shades for the living room to replace the floral drapes that have been hanging in this house for 15 years, and hung in my last house before that. I can sew them, I've done it before, but can't find the right fabric.

    -- Re-upholster a lovely chair from my Mother, but need to get the above Roman Shade fabric figured out before I choose chair fabric. I'm stuck!

    -- New couch for the middle room, to replace my Mother's old Hurculeon (sp?) sofa bed that I have covered with a green velvet slipcover that gets messed up as soon as someone sits on it. I'm trying to convince myself that it looks very French when the cover is mussed. Maybe some big silk throw pillows would help?

    -- Sparkly small chandys for the front hall and upstairs hallway.

    -- New countertops and Farm Sink in kitchen. I'm a kitchen designer and I have laminate countertops -- horrors!! I want wood or soapstone or both. Our kitchen needed everything when we remodeled it 10 years ago, then those pesky kids had to go to college, so that was our choice at the time, with the thought of upgrading down the road. Then the economy tanked, and then...see below.

    -- This spring we're getting the house exterior painted, so I'm choosing colors but this is going to cost some big bucks, and I'm not excited about that.

    jillnnj -- I'm assuming by your name that you're in NJ, so if you're anywhere near Hopewell, go to the Decorator's Consignment on Railroad Place in the Boro. I was there last weekend and there is a fabulous Tiger Oak sideboard that is under $150.00. I don't know if it's your style (it's late 19th century), but I couldn't believe the price. No inlay, but It has curved drawers, cabinet doors below and a carved backguard piece. Maybe 5 feet long? I'm not always an oak fan, but this was really beautiful. Most stuff in there is priced fairly, but this was way lower than most other things. Unfortunately, I have no place to put it .

  • lynxe
    11 years ago

    I've been watching The Tudors, so now I want a Tudor-looking tapestry thing to cover our refectory-style table, and I also want some Renaissance-style candlesticks and platters and suchlike to go on it. Never mind that that would mean removing (and KEEPING OFF!) the piles of newspapers, gallery invites and etc., as well as the cheap wicker basket containing red-blue-yellow plastic salt and pepper shakers and the bottle of vitamin D, not to mention all the other weird stuff that always ends up on the table.

    I want some Mughal paintings and some more illuminated manuscript leaves even though there's no wall space for them.

    I want the enormous stained glass rondel we saw at a local stained glass artisan's place a few weeks ago

    I want the 7 foot or taller solid mahogany bookcase a friend needs to get rid of even though I have no way to move it and probably can't get it in the house any way.

    I want a gorgeous blanket or coverlet of some kind in certain shades of blue with maybe some kind of brown in it. I saw the perfect one in a book or article showing a Michael Smith bedroom; the coverlet or duvet was by John Robshaw and had lots of turquoise and blue in it.

    Then I want window treatments to go with it.

    I also want THE perfect creamy white for trim paint, from a high-quality manufacturer.

    Come to think of it, I want the right color of paint for the kitchen, for the living room, and for the master bath.

    I'm sure I want a whole bunch of other stuff as well. I'll probably settle for the paint and be happy about it. If I could find paint to go with the really really hideously oogly pinkish-beige marble tiles that the former owner had installed in the master bathroom, I'd be ecstatic.

  • mjsee
    11 years ago

    A couple of really AWESOME MCM nightstands. I'm bidding on one right now...

  • jillinnj
    11 years ago

    kitchenwitch - thank you!!! I am close to Hopewell. In fact for the last 12 weeks I drove right through every Saturday on my way to the Jack Cust facility for DS's baseball team. I can't believe I didn't know about that place. I know about the antique stores right on Rt 518, but didn't know about this place. Will definitely check it out. Thanks again! Hmmm....I wonder if DH knows about this place. He sometimes goes to Hopewell looking for vintage fountain pens, which he collects. I remember he said there was a place off the main road he goes to.

    You design kitchens in this part of the state? Where are you located if you don't mind me asking?

  • sheriz6
    11 years ago

    I'd love to be able to re-decorate our master bedroom!

    - Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves flanking the front window

    - A window seat with storage between said book cases

    - New carpeting

    - New paint all around

    In the meantime I'll have to settle for getting our sump pump system in the basement finished. It's always the least glamorous -- but, sadly, most necessary -- items that take budget priority.

  • jea2007
    11 years ago

    1. A job so I can do this

    2. living room furniture

    3. Old round dining room table and cool chairs

  • cooperbailey
    11 years ago

    A vintage chandelier for the dining room.
    A new or antique bed for MB.
    Seagrass rug for living room so I can move the oriental rug upstairs to MB.

  • mjsee
    11 years ago

    In the meantime I'll have to settle for getting our sump pump system in the basement finished. It's always the least glamorous -- but, sadly, most necessary -- items that take budget priority.

    Tell me about it. Every time I have the money saved up for a kitchen reno...something really important breaks. The last time it was the retaining wall holding up half my front yard...

  • erinsean
    11 years ago

    New lamps and bedspread for the master bedroom....have been looking but the ones I like are too much $$$ but since I am in no hurry...who knows.

  • palimpsest
    11 years ago

    In my next house Forbes and Lomax invisible light switches. English, recently approved for American electrical and really expensive. Something like $40 each for a single pole switch.

  • lemonlime
    11 years ago

    Flor tiles -- I was all set to order and one of the styles I wanted to mix with is backordered until April.

    Some amazing artwork seen here.

    And, these, to go in my little corner nook of succulents.

  • ttodd
    Original Author
    11 years ago

    Pal - soooo cool!

  • kitchenwitch
    11 years ago

    Jill -- I live in Hopewell and work at a premium lumberyard in Hamilton, near Trenton. I've never "outted" myself here, but it's funny, every now and then I see a few people that I have worked with posting here & in the Kitchen Forum.

    Is your DH getting fountain pens maybe at the Tomato Factory? It's right down the street from the consignment shop.

  • beekeeperswife
    11 years ago

    Too long to list. But currently am in search of:

    PURPLE GHOST CHAIR (knock off preferred due to price) This knock off is still $199, still too high for me for what I want it for:


    If anybody can source me one cheap, with or without arms, email me:

    beekeeperswife at gmail dot com

  • patty_cakes
    11 years ago

    An FYI if you're looking for 'new' furniture~~consignment stores, estate sales and auctions. And don't forget your local antique stores~~they're not necessarily for little old ladies looking for cups and saucers. LOL You can purchase a vintage piece of furniture that may be better constructed than new, and add your own paint color. Vintage chandeliers/lamps too, most rewired. Start a vintage art collection. ;o)

  • terezosa / terriks
    11 years ago

    Who picks out rose colored carpeting anyway?

    Me - in 1986. In my defense it was a very dusty rose, and actually went with a lot.

    I'd like new dining room furniture with a casual coffee house vibe. I'd love upholstered chairs with sloped arms in a kind of sagey color.

  • mom2reese
    11 years ago

    I'm currently obsessed with finding the perfect Black Forest cuckoo clock. DH thinks I'm nuts because it's "not my style" (which leans modern), but there is wallspace in my living room that is screaming "put a Cuckoo clock here!"

    When I've mentioned my obsession to friends, they keep sending me links to modern cuckoo clocks since that's my primary aesthetic, but I'm actually looking for an over-the-top, ornate, crazy cuckoo maybe some dancing people, hello-look-at-me cuckoo clock. I keep telling people to trust me, that it'll look awesome, but I just get polite nods and skeptical smiles in return, LOL.

  • jillinnj
    11 years ago

    kitchenwitch - that may be where DH goes. He didn't know about this place. Can't wait to check it out. Thanks again for the info! It is often a small world. Perhaps we've passed each other on the street in Hopewell.

  • ilovetn
    11 years ago

    A kitchen cabinet like "Aunt Bea's" on the Andy Griffith show.

    A small old chest for the upstairs hall.

    Some more blinds for windows, preferably Roman shades.

  • bigdoglover
    11 years ago

    Shouldn't we all be rubbing a magic lamp or something?

    New backsplash and granite

    A Chippendale settee with cabriole legs and ball & claw feet and pierced back, yummmmm

  • palimpsest
    11 years ago

    These hurricanes by Venini circa 1950:

  • mjsee
    11 years ago

    If I post a link to the nightstand I'm bidding y'all promise not to bid against me? ;^)

    Oh, what the heck...

    Here is a link that might be useful: MCM nightstand on ebay

  • schoolhouse_gw
    11 years ago

    New, super comfy, overstuffed chairs and similar sofa for the library and a leather chair/ottoman and sofa for the livingroom. I would be happy for a long time.

  • deeinohio
    11 years ago

    mjsee - That's one of the prettiest nightstands I've ever seen. Fingers crossed for you to win.:)

  • mahatmacat1
    11 years ago

    Just saw this thread -- what I really want now:

    1) the popcorn gone off our ceilings, including the double-height one in the living room

    2) the white oak flooring we've purchased from c's list installed in the family room and north bedroom, and more to magically appear at $1/sf so we can finish the whole 1st floor

    3) living room, double height, painted in my new colors including ceiling. I just can't do that myself. PO unfortunately painted the gorgeous thick beams, so I guess I have to paint them too -- or could I have the painter sand them and then finish them? That would be SO cool.

    4) a brilliant shelving arrangement that wraps around the living room from the fireplace (getting rid of the raxifragin' red oak Home Depot special mantelpiece that's there now) clear around to the opposite wall--based on a system like this one (in the style of Cadovius) but that goes higher up, so I can display my favorite pieces from my pottery collection. I can't really buy the actual Cadovius pieces because they don't go up high enough. I have found a great local finish carpenter/cabinetmaker, and we have stowed some walnut ply with him and he's saving some solid walnut for us (for the main bath that guests use), but I shiver thinking how much he'd charge us to duplicate all that kind of shelving in the manner I envision it...

    5) Also need the family room tv situation addressed in the same walnut manner. Pretty please, universe?

    Nice to have a venting/energizing place. Great thread.

    mjsee, I love that nightstand too. Won't bid against you :)

    Here is a link that might be useful: I WILL make this happen, somehow...

  • kayec28
    11 years ago

    a Danish Modern dining set with COMFORTABLE chairs, a tufted back vintage sofa and anything designed by Jean Michel Frank.

    Oh, and bedroom furniture in golden brown wood--teak, maple, etc. Do y'all know how hard it is to find golden brown furniture? Around these parts you've got oak and you've got cherry and you've got various types of depressingly dark woods. If it's pine it's very rustic looking. What's a girl who wants quality genuine wood pieces but prefers to keep it light and modern to do?

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • cooperbailey
    11 years ago

    Palimpset, that reminds me- I want to replace my switches with reproduction push button switches. Originally all of the switches were push buttons.

  • angiedfw
    11 years ago

    a tightback, classic sectional in a light Sunbrella fabric
    a wall of built in shelves/drawers/cubbies in my master bedroom

  • mjsee
    11 years ago


    You need to look for chairs like these:

    They are very comfy.

    I found a set (linked below) that might be just as comfy...

    Here is a link that might be useful: ebay auction Danish Modern set

  • lyfia
    11 years ago

    1) A bed for my master bedroom. I found what I want, but of course it is not available in a Calfornia King. I don't want to get a new mattress or go to a King again though. I like that my feet doesn't hit the edge of the mattress.

    2) Find somebody that can paint our main living areas. I really don't like the color and not sure why I decided to just go with it after it was on while the house was being built. Would have been so much easier to change it then. Thought I'd like it once flooring and furniture etc. was in. It is ok to me only on a real sunny day. Otherwise way too bright.

    3) Somebody to help me figure out what color to use instead of the current one. Change it or just tone it down to cream. I had a post here long ago where squirrelheaven photo shopped greenish blue hues for me, but they just didn't seem to work in my space. There were some more neutral ones too and those worked, but just didn't speak to me. Wish I could find that to review the more neutral ones again and see if they at least would point me in some direction.

  • hhireno
    11 years ago

    My wants are pretty simple.

    I want end tables for the condo. Specifically, I want to find one small, quirky table for the far end of the sofa. The normal end tables will be easier to find but I suspect the quirky one will be the challenge.

    I also want to start, and finish, the laundry room project this spring.

  • greatgollymolly
    11 years ago

    Lamps, curtains, headboard.

  • sashasmommy
    11 years ago

    An eggplant wall in the house somewhere...

  • Carol_from_ny
    11 years ago

    I'd like to find a large very inexpensive but well made French style china hutch to paint.

    I'd also like a larger display cabinet for my tea pot collection.

    And a porch swing.

  • nanny2a
    11 years ago

    MCM is not my style, but just wanted to say that the nightstand mjsee is bidding on is gorgeous, and I'm crossing my fingers for you to get it! I know how it is to long for the perfect piece of furniture, and that's beautiful!

    My list is endless, being that our house is over 20 years old -

    - All the popcorn ceilings removed.
    - New kitchen cabinets - Thermafoil is so outdated and mine are driving me crazy.
    - A new tight back sectional that my Westie Dundee can't ruin the back pillows on.
    - Hardwood floors for the second floor, or new carpeting, at least.
    - A smaller, round, kitchen table that isn't a 40 year old family hand me down.
    - New living room curtains and rods.

    I've already sewn new linen bedroom curtains, a new linen duvet cover, dustruffle and pillow shams for the bedroom, and am working on a new bench cover for the bench at the foot of the bed. This, along with the new arc styled wall sconces from Pottery Barn, and burlap table coverings for the bedside tables finishes up the "new master bedroom decor" that was on my wish list for last year, so at least I've accomplished something!

  • mjsee
    11 years ago

    nanny2a---it's not looking good. Someone else wants it...and they REALLY want it. I have to decide just how high I am willing to go. It's worth far more than I have to pay for it...


    Every once in awhile I get lucky and find something no one else notices. Champagne budget. That's me!

  • cyn427 (z. 7, N. VA)
    11 years ago

    I was going to say soapstone countertops and an induction cooktop from AIG, but those Forbes and Lomax invisible light switches are marvelous, Pal, so I am adding them to my list! :)

  • franksmom_2010
    11 years ago

    I've been thinking...what I really want, is the courage to follow my gut. I made the mistake of telling someone about the plan to paint the entryway pink, and I got that "Oh..."

    Then I found fabric I like for some chairs. For the pink entry. Looked at the swatch for a few days, decided it was the perfect thing, drove the 25 miles back to the fabric store, carefully measured it out with the chair pattern, bought it, brought it home, and my parting thought when I went to bed was that it would never work, the cats would shred it, it was the wrong weave, the wrong color, and would look like a hot mess. Today, not so much.

  • Susan
    11 years ago

    i want fabric layered everywhere. bedskirts, drapes, table linens, pillows. all in lucious shades and textures and fabrics for each season's decorating.
    white and off white and cream by the yard for summer, heavier and richer for fall and winter.
    and naturally all custom sewn for me by local artists.
    i am slowly amassing fabric, much too slowly though!

  • samanddrew
    11 years ago

    A ton of stuff:
    --four sturdy maple ladderback chairs for my breakfast room
    --an antique cherry end table for ds1 room
    --a four foot tall oil portrait of my children to hang over the living room sofa
    --antique oriental rug for my den and living rooms
    --english or country french settee
    ---mahogany secretary
    ---new carpets for upstairs
    ---new paint everywhere in the house
    --french bronze chandelier for foyer
    --antique chests to use as dressers in master bedroom
    --upholstered headboard for mb
    --oil portrait of english gentleman to hang in dining room
    --slipper or bergere chairs for master bedroom

  • lavender_lass
    11 years ago

    to find a wonderful, vintage claw foot tub, for a very reasonable price! :)

  • Bethpen
    11 years ago

    Lavender Lass.. If you are anywhere near cape cod I can help you with the tub.....

    Beth p

  • kayec28
    11 years ago

    Thanks for the tip, mjsee. I think I like yours better than the one you linked to, though. ;) Give me a call when you get tired of it... And good luck with your Ebay auction. I have a similar end table by Drexel, but that one is much nicer.

    Back to the topic, I want to find real hardwood floors for about 1.50-2.00 a square foot. And a pair of authentic French leather club chairs in a golden brown color, mustache backs optional. And I would like an expert to come in and install all of my window treatments. Every single window in my house needs a shade or curtain. It's exhausting and overwhelming to even think about.

  • mahatmacat1
    11 years ago

    bluemoon, if you can install them yourself, or don't mind paying labor on top of the $1.50/2 price, go to craigslist and just lurk. People get rid of overages of the most recent styles all the time and you can assemble a good amount that way. Or if you prefer salvage flooring, that is there too. Patience is all.

  • mjsee
    11 years ago

    I've given up on the nightstand I posted. I was bidding on the dresser as well...and someone bid it up WAY past my price point. Not that it's not worth is...but I can't afford $1400 for the dresser. Same person is bidding on the nightstand...I'd like the pair to stay together. I've dropped out.