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Hanging a wall hood over an island range

13 years ago

Ok, it's really more of a peninsula, but it will house my range and it needs a hood. The problem is that running parallel with and directly over the center of the peninsula is an exposed, structural beam. If I place a typical chimney, island hood over the range, the ventilation pipe will run straight up into the beam and I will have to route it around somehow via soffitt or otherwise. However, if I can hang a chimney WALL hood over the range, since the ventilation pipe will come up at the back edge of the peninsula, it should slide in behind the beam without complication.

-- Before I say anymore, I should say that I do not want a downdraft hood --

My foremost concern is structural integrity. Could I safely hang a wall hood from the ceiling (I'm capable of getting creative if necessary)?

Second, would it look totally wacky? The back side of the peninsula will have a raised bar. The hood would face this bar. In fact the flat plane of the back of the hood would lay along the same plane created by the pony wall of the raised bar. I could (I presume) cover the exposed "wall side" of the hood with either matching stainless steel or beadboard to match the end finish of my cabinets.

What do ya think? Ever seen this done?

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