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Need opinion of fabric for sofa and loveseat, please!

13 years ago

I posted a thread a couple days ago about indecison between beige or celery green sofa. I have decided on the green and now I need to pick out fabric for 2 accent chairs. I have a couple choices and would like some opinions, what you like or dislike about either/both. I will probably still go back to furniture store and look some more, but I'm trying to narrow it down. My walls are BM clay beige - very light. I'm installing hardwood floors and replacing all furniture.

I'm sorry I haven't figured out how to post the picture so they show, just have this link. If someone is able to do that for me from the link, pls do. The brown couch and accent chair is just the style of furniture I'm leaning toward. The green fabric is what the couch will be. There are 2 other fabrics for the accent chairs. A very contemporary colorful and very traditional floral print.

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