Is ordering cabinets usually this complicated?

10 years ago

hi... sorry this is a little long, but i'd appreciate your thoughts.

i have a small kitchen that needs 11 cabinets and molding. not a big order, so i imagine not much profit. we are doing the install, too.

it's been really hard finding a dealer in the cabinet line i want to take my order! i've found two so far. the second one is 40 miles away. not a huge distance, but not convenient, either.

the second dealer has been very good about emailing me back with corrections/changes and answering questions. the first one is totally overloaded because she is the only one at her office, so turnaround time is loooong. she is very nice, though.

the thing is, the second dealer has a few inconsistencies in the quote, and i'm not sure if these are oversights or he is trying to pad the bill. (i'm really sorry if i am being overly suspicious.) :(

for example, there were charges for wood ends even though i ordered the plywood upgrade. he fixed them and apologized. there are things like crown molding listed twice, some molding listed with the cabinets, some listed in the accessories. the way it's all totaled with the upcharges is kind of confusing.

but especially after kompy's story, i don't want to string anybody along. i just want an accurate quote and to order the cabinets!

thanks if you read this far. what do you think? what has been your experience? any kd's want to chime in?

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