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How do I keep my neighbor's cat out of my potted plants

14 years ago

I normally put some of my houseplants outdoors during the warmer weather. When I stepped outdoors today I saw my neighbor's indoor/outdoor cat in one of my outdoor planters. Now I'm worried about putting my houseplants out. I don't want the cat using my plants as his outdoor liter box.Is there something I can use to keep him out of the plants?I read that citrus rinds might help. I put lemon rinds in two of my empty planters to see if that would keep the cat out of those. Can I use the citrus rinds in the houseplant pots(calamondin,schefflera,sago palm) that I'm putting out this year? I'm trying to avoid spending money on store bought products.Are there any other home remedies/solutions you all can suggest?


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