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Our project is off to a slow start - somewhat long story

15 years ago

I have only posted a few times and have yet to figure out how to post pictures but felt like sharing about the start of our kitchen renovation. After about two years of planning we signed a contract last Saturday for a renovation of our kitchen and master bath. The plan is to move the washer dryer from a closet in our very small and busy kitchen upstairs into space taken from our master bath. We had a huge whirlpool tub we never used so we are using the space for a laundry closet.

We did the demo ourselves to save some money. When we knocked a hole in our soffits(several weeks ago) we found what looked like all of the plumbing for our upstairs(just my luck). When we showed it to our contractor he said that although it was alot of plumbing it could all be relocated into the walls or ceiling so we could have cabinets to the ceiling. Based on this assessment we went ahead and signed the contract and demolished the rest of our kitchen.

Well two days ago his crew came to start on framing and in the process changed wall sizes and door openings in ways we had not planned but that the contractor said were needed for the plumber who was coming today. I said yes to all the changes(what else could I do).

Today the plumber came and about half way through the day was saying things like "this is impossible" and "it can't be done". He called our contractor who came over to see what the deal was. Meanwhile I am just standing there thinking about all of my plans being changed and wondering what it might mean financially if the plumbing is much harder that they figured it would be. Add to it that the plumber disconnected all of our upstairs water so no showers at home for the third day.

At the end of the afternoon it seemed like they had a new plan to try to get the plumbing rerouted tomorrow and Monday. The plan sounded very involved and not even certain. I am scared and am thinking I should have kept the old kitchen or just moved to another house.

Anyway I just wanted to vent and knew the folks here would understand how this feels.

I am hoping for better things tomorrow!

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