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Drop in sink to undermount sink

10 years ago

My husband and I are going to be gutting our 1970s split level soon, and the only thing worth keeping in the entire thing is the sink. It is a beautiful, big, deep, 2-well, drop in, composite sink (I think). It's black in color with a matte finish, and looks a bit like some sort of countertop material. It's pretty much the only non- original thing in the house. I'd really like to keep it, but I HATE the fact that it is set a centimeter or so away from the backsplash and all sorts of nasties get stuck behind there. I love the look of an under mount sink, and we are getting new countertops anyway. We are thinking soapstone, quartz, caesarstone, concrete, etc. Really, any countertop is better than the flowered, sunshine yellow travesty we have now. I guess I'm asking since we are getting a brand new countertop anyway, could our countertop guy just install the sink as an under mount? I wanted to ask you guys first before they laughed at me...

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