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A rags to riches story.

15 years ago

Some of you may not like some of what I post, so to be light I decided to change things up a bit by stating Bindi's beginning story, where i got him from,ect..

Bindi is a neutered black cat thats going to be 3 this june.

Bindi's mom was a pregnant stray that my dads ex girlfriend( lets call her jane) found by the side of her house, she already had three cats,indoor/outdoor of her own and 1 dog. In time she gave birth to 6 kittens. 4 were black and white, 1 was gray and another (Bindi) was black. I first saw the cat family when they were 5 weeks old. All of them were underfoot and socialized well. Great fun it was too

Jane was giving the kittens away, free to good home, or to the shelter when they were old enough.

I decided would like the black one, My dad wasn't too keen on it, but I pleaded,and begged and jane made a deal, she said one of her co-workers was coming over to adopt 3 of the kittens and if Bindi wasn't gone I could have him.

Well they came and left, and Bindi wasn't chosen. I stayed visiting them from time to time building a bond with Bindi. (dad was dating and I was left with cats, or we did things together.) At 8+ weeks old animal control was contacted and Jane received a fine for having too many animals on the property. It was like over $200

Bindi was a "free" gift but we neutered and wormed, gave shots and it added up.

Bindi also brought a flea infestation that had to have two bouts of front line because jane didnt listion to vet and split the product for both our homes. Shortly after Janes dog ran away,was never found and dad broke up with her, because of personal things.

Bindi was a very wild kitten that jumped on people, and things he also made our older cat unstable and stressed, so we got Leopalorn to help, (more on that later).

Now Bindi is MUCH better. Leopalorn and him are the best of friends.

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