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Simba's driving me crazy !! (Sorry, long post)

17 years ago

Our 1.5 yr old (male, neutered, indoor-only) tabby Simba has been driving me up the wall - literally; last night at 01:00 he started yowling at the bathroom wall in a tone I've never heard before - it was as if he wanted to climb onto it. He's a big cat, and can easily jump 6.5 ft straight on to the refrigerator - he tried this with the wall, and came down again, knocking stuff into the bathtub.

Yowling continued ...

I finally got out of bed and went near him to see what was fascinating him - nothing on the wall. He doesn't miss a single opportunity to treat me like furniture, so he stood with hindlegs on top of my head and scanned the wall with his forelegs, sniffing all the time. Imagine how uncomfortable it is to have a 16 pound cat with feet planted firmly in your scalp, roving like a fan from left to right, gripping your head firmly to ensure he doesn't fall.

Yowling continued all the while ...

I tried calming him down, the other cats were trying to 'talk' to him too, touching noses with him and licking his face. But he stayed put.

This went on until 3:00 AM and I'd had enough, whenever I carried him out to my room, he'd slip out of my arms and straight back to the wall. I decided I had enough, and to divert his attention, distracted him by tossing crumpled paper at him and he played like crazy for 15 min or so.

When I went to bed, he promptly followed me, snuggled close and slept peacefully thru the night (or what was left of it).

Tonight, it's started again. I haven't paid attention to him yet but those yowls could very well bring the neighbors to our door. Simba also scratched furiously on the kitchen door a few minutes ago, for God knows what, then went back to the bathroom - yowling.

He gets enough attention, playtime, cuddle-time ... I can't understand why he is doing this. Nothing in the bathroom has changed. Maybe it's a sound we can't hear or a smell we can't sense.

I'm afraid if these are attention-grabbing tactics, and if I keep sitting in the bathroom and talking to him, then I'd only be setting myself up for playtime sessions 0100-0300 hrs every morning.

I've always loved it that Simba is so vocal - now I'm finding this very disturbing - he's never done this, esp that tone, it's as if he knows there's something there, and he wants to get to it - the other cats are plain uninterested in the wall.

Please does anybody have any idea at all what could be happening here? Or can cats just go bonkers for no reason? Do cats hallucinate? Also, what could I do to make him calm down (I can't wake up at 0100 hrs and play with a supercharged dynamo). Plus the sleep deprivation is driving me insane. DH is lucky, he could sleep (and snore) right thru World War III !

Thanks a ton - well just writing this down helped me so much, can't wait to see your responses!

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