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PANIC! Granite too wide, suggestions how to fix?

14 years ago

Hello GW,

We are in month 9 of our kitchen reno, and after going through so much, and spending so much, we really want everything to be perfect.

The granite countertop we ordered was supposed to be flush with the cabinets. However, from the pic you can see that it sticks out about 3 milimeters from the cabinet.

That might not seem like much, but its not flush, and we really really wanted flush.

The countertop was siliconed down onto the top of the cabinets, and the cooktop has already been installed as well. The countertop people said they cant remove the countertop without risk of breaking it.

What should we do?

Is it possible for the company to bring in some sort of machine that will file down the edge 3mm?

Should we force them to replace it?

Thank you for your suggestions!!!!!!

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