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Throw Pillows 101

9 years ago

In the past I have purchased a few small throw pillows for a bed. they were never really used and were OK for the guestroom, but I would not want to deal with them on my everyday bed. :)

Fast forward to now and I would like some for my family room. I would like pillows that are actually usable for napping and are cozy and comfy. I think I have read on here that pottery barn makes good down inserts so I think I will go with them unless someone has a better idea.

What I am struggling with is size. I think I would want 20 inch since that is the same size as a bed pillow. Does that make sense?

Does it look strange to only have one size? Should I get some 22 inch pillows also?

I am going to have some made on Etsy. Hopefully this will not be strange but I am going to have them made from vintage sheets. :) I found some pretty ones and when I buy regular fabric I have a hard time cutting it up for some reason. I keep thinking I will want it for panels. I know I am nuts. :)

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