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Serious Help!!! Can granite be 'unsealed'?

14 years ago

Hi there,

I just had granite installed yesterday (Sun) which turned out to be a disaster (long story) and I watched the installer use "Liquid Nails" as the adhesive between the plywood and stone (Uba Tuba).

Anyway, shortly after install, I noticed large dark circles forming in the same spots as the liquid nail adhesive was squirted out of the caulking gun. It appears that the liquid nails may have stained from under the granite and seeped to the surface.

When I first saw it, I thought it was just moisture that would go away once the adhesive dried out but it's been over 24 hours and the spots are still there.

I'm having the installer come back out tomorrow to see if there is anything they can do, but I'm not holding my breath with them providing any solution.

Assuming they don't fix it, is there any product that strips away granite seal so that it can be more uniformly "stained" on purpose? Then once it looks okay, re-seal and be happy?

Thanks for any advice.

Best regards,


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