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Help! what color of cabinets goes with my goldish oak floor (pic)

13 years ago

We have a small kitchen, 10X15, sort of gallery, but wider, see the picture:

And this is looking into the kitchen from the dinning room

I plan to get all new cabinets and appliance, close the door to the stairs,extend cabinets all the way to the door. And knock down the tall cabinets on the far left, open it to the dinning room, and move the sink to the side.

I sort of know the layout that I want for the kitchen,and I do want cabinets all the way to the ceiling with moldings. (8' tall ceiling), but I can't put together a look for it with keeping our gold oak floor. What color goes with it other then the oak we have right now? Red cherry? white? Amber? Honey maple? I know I want a "WOW!" kitchen, just like everyone else in this forum, but ?? :((

any suggestions?? any pictures to guide me?

I like the popular white kitchen with subway tiles, but my husband is not too thrilled. I also like modern straight line kitchens.

I'd like to have the kitchen done by May, I need to find the look soon!!

Our budget is around 35k.

Any help would be great appreciated!!


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