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Do you have to SPELL words in front of your dog?

11 years ago

Do you have to spell words in front of your dog because they know the word and will go crazy if they hear it ????

I do. I can't say anything about going for a ride ..... my dog, Poppy, bounces off the walls if those words are spoken. She can even hear me make the slightest touch to her leash . Silly dog !!

This is funny ... every night around 9 pm . my DH makes his "Work lunch" ... he always gives her a bite of something. She hovers over him from 8 pm. It's funny ~~ when he finally says "I'm going to make my work lunch -- she bolts into the kitchen & cries !

Geeze - dogs are smart ~ aren't they ??? LOL ...

PLEASE -- tell me the words you have to spell for your dog !!

PS ... I love dogs ... but I know there are some awesome cats out there --- feel free to brag

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