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full depth fridge 'built in look' next to cabinet run

14 years ago

I found and purchased a Full depth FD fridge this weekend. It was a great price on clearance. I thought walking into the store I was set on full depth (for the extra space it provided), and the fridge would be next to a run of base cabinets but if there were panels around the fridge, it would look ok if it protruded beyond the base cabinets. I don't have the option of recessing it into the wall since the dining room is on the other side of the wall. I may be able to recess the plug and water supply but thats about it. I am not sure about pulling the 24" base cabinets out from the wall either. That will reduce the aisle width to the island. Does anyone have a pic of a Full Depth fridge (not recessed) next to a row of 24" lower cabinets with panels built around it? I am wondering if I need to cancel the order (its not delivered yet) and get a counter depth. The fridge is 31 1/2" deep. Here is a sample layout the tall narrow cabinet on the right is really just an end panel


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