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Opinions on Natural Life ACD dog food?

15 years ago

Our dog (shepherd/lab mix) has been itching a lot lately-- I'm not sure if it's because it's winter and her skin is dry, or what. Am reasonably sure it's not fleas (she's on Frontline monthly), and there are no hot spots or bare patches. I bathe her with either an oatmeal or sensitive skin/anti-itch shampoo about every 2 weeks, but it doesn't really seem to help. Actually, she LOOKS great; her coat is shiny, and everyone comments how healthy her coat looks, but the constant scratching concerns me. (It's not just in one spot, either; it's pretty much all over.)

Anyway, up until now we've been feeding her Purina One, beef & rice formula. It's not super-premium food, but it's not Alpo or Ol' Roy, either.

So last night we went shopping and picked her up some Alternative Companion Diets Venison Meal & Rice, made by Natural Life. According to the bag, it's "formulated for dogs allergic to corn, soy, wheat, dairy, yeast, beef, and pork." Top listed ingredients are as follows (in order):

--Venison Meal

--Ground brown rice

--Oat groats

--Ground grain sorghum

--Linseed meal

--Poultry fat

--Rice protein

--Tomato pomace

--Flax seeds

Crude protein is 22%, crude fat is 10%; if you want to know more about the ingredients, ask and I'll copy more. It says to feed 2 1/2 to 3 cups per day for my dog's weight (about 70 lbs).

Has anyone had any experience with this food?

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