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How do you use your large range? 48 inch or larger

13 years ago

I am redoing my kitchen. I have always had a range not a cooktop. I have 30 inch Viking gas. I feel like I don't need to upgrade to a larger range. My kitchen is 13 x 14 with an island. I have not needed any more cooktop than this except on rare rare occasions. I do not entertain for a large group of people. No family in town. (we will have 1 or 2 other families over, not a horde of people.) If I have 20 or more "adults only guests", I probably will cater. I am a good cook but not a chef that can do fancy sauces or complicated recipes. We have hot breakfast (not cereal) multiple times a week with the kids and homecooked meals (not frozen things heated in MW) nearly every night. My kids have no hot lunch at their small school. So we have to pack their lunches every day. I think we use our kitchen hard.

I really like using a range where I can "brown" on the burner and stick it in the oven quickly. I also like the gas oven for pizzas and breads. I do not miss not naving an electric oven.

I also do not bake sweets much. (gas oven is fine for occasional cookies and quick bread.)

I have 2 gas burners and 30 inch BBQ DCS grill and rotisserie right outside of my kitchen. I use the plumbed natural gas BBQ several times a week for dinners all through the year. We live in temperate climate.

For those of you with 48 inch range or bigger, how do you use it? (not the oven but the range top) I can see how you would use the 24 inch griddle if you make that kind of food alot. (I don't...) 12 inch griddle seems too small to me.

I guess I live with 4 burns AND 30 inches of grill in the kitchen! (That is a pretty big range if I had it together) I think I just answered my own question. Because of my access to my BBQ, I don't feel that I need to upgrade my range to a bigger one....

Do you use your indoor grill on your range? Is the large range all about the griddle? Does anyone have 8 burners that you use quite often?

Does anyone else have year around BBQ access from the kitchen or an indoor BBQ? How to you cook your daily meals?

Just curious....

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