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Question about floor installation

14 years ago

Hi all - About 6 years ago we put in a pergo type laminate floor in our kitchen as an attempt to fix up our 70s kitchen without a total reno. It was a good temporary fix (along with some paint & new hardware)

6 years later, we are finally doing a total reno (yay) but unfortunately, we have to scrap the floor b/c it would be too difficult to try to patch it to match where the old base cabinets & island are coming out & the new are going in.

We are actually putting in the same type of floor in the reno in a slightly different color, b/c I really loved everything about it.

So here is my question....

Is it better to install the floor first all throughout the room & then put the base cabinets over it, or install the base cabinets first & then install the floor around it? In meeting with different GCs over the last month, they seem to have both philosophies... the GC I picked, wanted to go under (I thought, but I had met with 6 in 2 weeks, so they are starting to blend in my mind) but now is saying cabinets are going in first.

The cabinets that came out (from the 50s) did not have any floor other than the subfloor under them.

Does it matter?


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