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Do your dogs go across your deck to go outside?

16 years ago

To go outside for potty my dogs have to cross my deck and go down the deck stairs. I'm in the Seattle area and it rains here 9 months of the year.

This deck is cedar, and only about 4 years old. I scrubbed it down pretty much to bare wood in August and re-stained it. Look at it after only six months! It looked bad after three. Yes I try to keep the dogs' toenails short, but I'm not perfect. Anyway, mine aren't huge dogs; the largest weighs only about 27 lbs.



Do any of you have this problem? If you've had good luck with certain products I'd sure love to know what they are. This is ridiculous working that hard for such crummy results, and I've had this happen now with two different stains -- one an oil based one that attracted so much algae I had two bad falls last winter, and the other a water based (Cabot).

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