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Small Kitchen Layout -- Two Options (So Far!) (Image Heavy!)

10 years ago

Hi! I'm new here. Well, I've been lurking for a while and getting tons of great ideas... I thought it was about time I posted my own stuff.

We just bought a small house and are going to completely redo the kitchen before we move in (this fall). The kitchen is very small -- 9.9 x 9.7 ft. And the other challenge is that it is right beside the front door AND it has a door leading to the basement (and to the side door) that I can't get rid of.

Here is the whole house floor plan (total: about 1000 square feet). The kitchen is in the bottom right corner and the front door is at the bottom, in the middle):

The current layout has very little counter space and a refrigerator sticking right out into the middle of the room. We are going to buy a counter-depth fridge and use every space to the max to make it into a functional kitchen -- I know there's got to be a way to do it! After all, I've seen many great cooks turn out great meals in tinier kitchens than mine.

My biggest goal is to open up the kitchen to the dining and living rooms by tearing down the wall where the stove currently is. My husband and I both love to cook, and we also love to entertain. I can't imagine being cooped up alone in the kitchen while my guests are sitting in the dining or living room, so I'm trying to find a way for guests to sit at a bar-type counter to watch me cook.

At first, my layout had a bar right beside the front door, but that would be a pain if other guests arrived and people had to get up to let them enter the house. It did give me a whole wall of pantry space, though...

Today, I had another idea. It would make it possible to have a "bar" that people can sit at while my husband and I cook. It would make me lose precious pantry space, but then again, I could always turn the hallway closet into a pantry (bottom right of my drawing)... Here is my layout:

Which would make the view from the front door ("entr�e" -- sorry, the labels are all in French!) look something like this:

I have the freedom to move outlets and lights since we're tearing everything down and starting from scratch. I'm not looking at the details too much now, just working on layout. (Although I do know that I want all white cabinets and a pale countertop.)

I'm wondering if there are any other layouts I haven't thought of? Would love input and ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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