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What is your favorite dog shampoo?

16 years ago

I used to use the cheapest dog shampoo I could find for my dog's once-in-a-while bath. Then I decided to take her to the groomers (PetSmart) for a bath for my annual New Years party and couldn't believe how good she came home smelling! Of course it only lasted about a week as she loves playing outside. I'd love to be able to give her a regular bath and keep her smelling great - especially now that I just adopted another dog who also has long hair and could use regular bathing. I went back to PetSmart later and asked what they used, but they said they use a lot of different things and couldn't be sure what they used on my dog. Hence the search for a good dog shampoo began! :-)

I've been leaning toward Earthbath as they are a natural product and seem to have really good reviews and a decent price. What do you all use for your furbabies?

Here's a pic of my little ones (Kana the Border Collie and Momiji the Pom/Shelti in order), just because they are so dang cute :-)

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