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Kitty 'accident' and litter box (re)location

15 years ago

We have had our two shelter cats for about two months now. We live in a ranch style house with a main floor and a basement. When we first brought the cats home, we put one litter box in the spare bedroom upstairs and the other one in the rec room downstairs. The cats have been meticulous about using the boxes, but as they have gotten used to each other, they both mainly use the one upstairs. We would really like to move this box elsewhere (preferably into the laundry room in the basement) because this is a nice room with hardwood floors and we're worried about them getting damaged. Especially after today: I walked in there and Max, the big male cat, was crouched in the box with his little butt hanging over the edge, pee running onto the floor. He obviously was trying to pee in the box but hadn't gotten himself positioned properly. Luckily, his urine was not that concentrated and didn't have an odor, so I was able to clean it up with no problem.

So for now, I put a large plastic garbage bag under the box. I also put a third litter box in the hall bathroom (which is next to the bedroom in question) under the sink to see if they will use it. Our strategy is if they start using the one in the bathroom, to start keeping the bedroom door closed to wean them off of the habit of using the bedroom, eventually.

Any other ideas? Thanks.

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