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Any blackout curtain/shade advice?

12 years ago

I used to be able to fall back asleep even after some sun came into the room. But my 6-month-old pup will not go back asleep, and with me being an afternoon/night worker, having to get up at 7:30 a.m. with her is not good!

My bedroom drapes are on rods that protrude a few inches from the window. I liked the "form" of it, but now the "function" isn't working for me because the sunlight has too many ways to sneak in (from the top especially).

I don't really want to take them down; I just want to find something to put behind them.

I'm thinking about a tension rod mounted inside the window casing with a blackout curtain panel. Opinions?

If you have had to install some blackout or room-darkening solution, what have you done that works well enough so you (or significant other) can get some sleep? I need to be able to get the pup to go back to sleep so that I can, too--and I'm getting really grouchy because of the lack of it! My previous pup was a late sleeper with me; not this one, tho.

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