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Bar faucet/Little Gourmet/Perrin & Rowe triflow faucet

11 years ago

We're putting a wet bar in our basement. I did a quick run to Ferguson Plumbing today to look at bar sinks and faucets and am thoroughly confused. I know that I want a rectangular or square single bowl stainless steel bar sink that is decent-sized, not one of those tiny round bar sinks. Where I am stuck is the faucet or faucets to pair with the sink. When we renovated our kitchen last year, we put in a Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet with sidespray and included a separate Little Gourmet cold water dispenser attached to an Everpure water filter for filtered water. The Little Gourmet was a last-minute addition as the saleslady at Ferguson had led me to believe that the P&R bridge faucet I selected would work fine with the Everpure. Our plumber said it wouldn't because water flow would be compromised. Apparently the bridge faucet is not one of the P&R "triflow technology" faucets that claims to provide hot, cold, and filtered from a single faucet.

In our basement I know I want filtered water because I mainly drink water and prefer that it is filtered. I use a regular bar faucet with a separate Little Gourmet cold water dispenser, as in our kitchen, or do I try the Perrin & Rowe bar faucet with "Triflow" technology? According to the brochure I picked up today, these faucets give you regular hot, cold, or filtered water all from the same tap. Anyone have experience with them?

And somewhat related...thoughts on cold AND hot water dispenser faucets? I love to drink tea and it would be great to sip tea in front of the tv at night without having to go upstairs to put the kettle on. Is the water hot enough for tea and hot cocoa? I suppose if I go this option I would need a regular faucet plus the Little Gourmet hot and cold dispenser, or would the Little Gourmet be "enough" faucet for wet bar sink purposes?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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