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Aura Paint Diaster - cabinets - please help!

11 years ago

I chose to have my new cabinets sprayed with Aura. My painters hasn't use it before, but were comfortable trying it. The cabinet boxes and draw fronts look great, but the cabinet doors look awful. There are splotches and unevenness everywhere. I don't know what to do! My painters will be back tomorrow to spray the second coat on, and now I am

wondering if I should have gone with Waterborne Satin Impervo (did not want to use an oil due to whitness of paint - BM Chantilly

Lace.)I know their sprayer is airless, but I don't know what tip they are using. My finish is satin, which I read uses a different tip. Could this be the issue. I have looked at every cabinet door and not one looks perfect. Should I switch paint tomorrow? What do I do? Please help!!! I am ready to cry.

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