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Peeing in the crate

10 years ago

We lost our home to Hurricane Sandy. We have a 2yr old male boxer and two young sons. We spent the first 8 weeks with my sister squeezed into her two bedroom apartment until we could find a rental that would allow a 70lb dog.
We moved in on December 22nd. The house is more than sufficient for all of us and Harley has a lot more room to play in the house. Only problem is that the yard isnt fenced in - so we have to be very careful about him not getting out of the house. He's crated while my husband and I are at work but he get's an hour walk / playdate with a neighborhood dog every afternoon. He was fully housebroken fairly early - in fact he was a pleasure to train as he's very smart. Since we've moved, if we have to put him in the crate while we're home - even for a few minutes (i.e. bringing in the groceries or having furniture delivered) he'll look right at us and pee in the crate. How do we break him of this habit? He never soils the crate during the week and he can hold it for 10 hours at night. He's obviously letting us know he doesnt want to be in there at that moment. We have all been through so much in the last 2.5 months - even Harley since he doesnt have his fenced in yard to play in everyday. Any advice on how to deal with this at the time its happening? We've been putting him on a leash until we clean the crate and then putting him back in right away. Thanks..

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