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Painting over primer

I've just finished painting a ceiling over primer (Zinsser Bullseye 123). Walls were also primed. I used this product because I was covering old adhesive stains on a textured (stucco-like, not popcorn) ceiling, and the walls had been wallpapered (I removed it all, patched, and also repaired some drywall --water damaged from a roof leak-- by using with skim coat, and sanded the repairs, before I primed). There were also water stains on a wall. I primed the entire room two days ago. I painted the ceiling only today. I noticed some things and am not sure if they are normal:

1. The paint color seems a bit dark. I am guessing this is because the ceiling and trim are the only color in the room since the primer is dead white. I assume that paint over primer would not have any color difference. Am I right?

2. The ceiling paint is flat -- however, it looks pretty glossy. I hope as it dries, it will look more flat. It won't bother me much if it stays a bit glossy; it's fine. My worry is that the walls will look glossy--I plan to use flat enamel--and I fear that my less-than-expert skim coat and patching marks will show up very prominently. Is it normal for flat paint to look glossy over primer? I don't recall this happening when I have used "regular" primer and then painted (although I didn't use flat paint over primer in that case). Is there something I need to do to keep this from happening to the walls? The primer can said it was okay to paint over after an hour of drying time so I am hoping that waiting a few days is ok -- I want to do the walls in four days.

Thanks for any help... I have been "lurker" on this site for ages and have learned a lot here!

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