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Backsplash advice - where should the tile go?

11 years ago


My husband and I are updating our kitchen and I'm not sure where to put the backsplash.

We are doing a simple beige Formica countertop and are not having a backsplash put on it. Instead, we were thinking about doing a tile backsplash.

Here are the before pictures (the upper cabinets are going to be raised a couple inches, the soffits are gone, and we are going to have a microwave instead of the range hood):

If it is helpful, here is the tile we are considering.

What option do you like for the tile placement? Or, is there another option I haven't thought of? We are likely only going to be in the house for another year or two so I'd like to choose something that other people might like as well.

1) Tile from the countertop to the bottom of the cabinets on the walls with uppers and up to the window sill behind the sink. Tile behind the stove (starting at the same level as the rest) up to the bottom of microwave.

2) Same as 1 but no tile behind the stove - instead, stop the tile where the countertop stops. (Do you need a backsplash behind the stove?)

3) Tile from the countertop, up about 7 inches - so just a stripe of tile. This will bring it to the bottom of the window sill on that wall and leave some wall to be painted everywhere else. No tile behind the stove in this option.

4) Tile only the wall behind the sink up to the window sill and to the bottom of the upper cabinets on that wall. No tile on the other walls or above the stove.

I really appreciate any help or advice you can offer!

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